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John Harricharan
Author, Lecturer

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Elisabeth Kubler Ross
"John Harricharan inspires you, motivates you and teaches you. He's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Listen to what he says."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., bestselling author and lecturer

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Anita Bergen

"If I could use just one phrase to describe John that phrase would be 'uniquely genuine'. He speaks as an original and immediately puts you at ease with his engaging unpretentious nature. If you are looking to overcome problems of money, health or relationships and want to find success and lasting happiness, John is the person you need to hear. I strongly encourage you to check out what he has to offer. You won't be sorry that you did."
Anita Bergen- Author,
"Life and Other Options"

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Butch James

"John Harricharan has a unique manner of helping people find their own way. His practical, down-to-earth, spiritual wisdom creates hope in your heart and a sense that things will get better. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation or an experienced guide, join EnterprisingSpirit.com."
-- Robert "Butch" James, CEO, KDM Corporation

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Declan Dunn

"I want to share with you a little insight on John Harricharan. John has not only been a good friend for many years, but a real influence on the way I do business and also the way I have learnt to improve my life and to really enjoy what I am doing. One of the pleasures of knowing John and his teachings is that he comes to you -- not only as a guide on the side as I like to say -- not as a guru telling you the truth, but he is really talking about You and how you can apply things to your own life. John, thank you for being my friend, my inspiration and, also, really thank you for being the only person whom I invite to my business conferences for my private members because I want them to meet people with great substance, which allows them to go away with much, much more for their heart as well as their wallet."
-- Declan Dunn, Founder, Right Now Marketing

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Rick Beneteau

"John Harricharan is recognized by hundreds of thousands as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of today. I am blessed to call this man both my mentor and my great friend. I can recommend with my whole heart that you make the wise decision to join John's Enterprising Spirit!"
Rick Beneteau - Author,
"A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!"

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Josh Hinds

"Every time I get an email from John Harricharan I literally light up! Why is that you ask? Because I know in every message I'm going to receive some valuable thought or idea that has the ability to positively impact my life in some way. Those who know me know that I don't mindlessly throw out such compliments. I've known John for a while now, and I'm a better person for the wisdom he's shared with me since our friendship began. He is a true giver in every sense of the word. John, kudos to you for sharing your knowledge with others in such a way. You rock, my friend!"
Josh Hinds - http://GetMotivation.com

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Yanni Maniates

"I've known John Harricharan for just a few, short years, but it feels as if I've known him for lifetimes, because John embodies that ancient, perennial wisdom -- the wisdom of the ages. As well, he embodies generosity, kindness and an incredible ability to give love -- unconditional love. John is really a master alchemist... that is John's gift. John is truly a magical man, a magical person, and truly a blessing to know."
Yanni Maniates, Award-Winning Author - "Magical Keys to Self-Mastery"

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"John Harricharan has created a membership site, EnterprisingSpirit, which is filled with practical, inspirational and motivational wisdom. Delve into the treasures found here and you'll find the inspiration we all need. You can get as much as you need right here, right now, any time."
Dr. Joe Vitale, President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

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"John is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. His books, his lectures, his messages are all filled with practical and helpful tools that are also easy to use. I've valued his advice over the years and am grateful for his friendship."
Foster Hibbard, President, Motivational Dynamics, Inc. ( former associate of the late, Dr. Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich")

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Charles Burke

"John, your site has the calm and quiet of still forest glades, of ancient holy places. This essence, this gentle peace, is the spirit you have somehow embodied here. You have taken what appears at first just another house of page-views and crafted it into a chapel of electrons, a refuge where business and other travelers can pause and recharge spiritually. Today's fast-forward world offers so few havens for re-centering ourselves or for re-grounding our spiritual energies. Thanks so much for making this site, John."
Charles Burke - Author of "Inside the Minds of Winners" www.sizzlingedge.com

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Charles Burke

“John Harricharan is one of the rarest individuals you will ever meet on this planet.  That’s why I’ve named John one of the new masters of spirituality and one of the top seven spiritual heroes on the ‘White Wing Annual Report’.  John can instantly transport someone out of their problems and into the serene place deep within oneself.  John will raise you up to a higher level than you have ever experienced.  In talking to John or listening to John or reading one of his many wonderful books and articles, you will begin to know a long lost friend of the spirit, and you will cherish the connection forever.  Whatever journey you can take with John Harricharan, do it!  I give him my five star spiritual master rating.”
Terri Marie - Author of "Be the Hero of Your Own Game" www.spiritualarena.com

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“I can’t tell you how much John has influenced my life over the last few years, and I really recommend that you join the membership site and really make spirituality a daily practice.   I can’t tell you how much you’re going to transform, but if you’re going to pick someone to learn from, John is just amazing.  So go ahead and stop thinking about it – DO IT, and your life will transform too.”
Bart Baggett - Author, TV and Radio Host

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"I’ve known John for a long time, and I can tell you that he’s truly a remarkable human being.  He not only talks the talk in spirituality, he walks the walk.  If you have any interest at all, I give John my five star recommendation, and I highly recommend you check out his membership site."
Marlon Sanders - Bestselling Author, "The Amazing Formula"

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“John is probably one of the most enlightened individuals that I have had the privilege of getting to know, and who has shared his insights and intuition with me.  It all started with a chance occurrence when I rollerbladed by his table in Colorado, and he gave me one of his manuscripts called, “The Power Pause”.  That simple book has profoundly affected my life just with a simple three minute exercise.  What John teaches is simplicity.  He really gets down to the essence of what we’re about.”
Yanik Silver

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Throughout the Entire History of Humanity,
There Have Only Been Three Problems:

Business, Spirituality, Success, Relationships, Prosperity...

Do you think these are entirely distinct and separate concepts? On the most basic level, they all operate according to the same ancient spiritual principles. Learn these principles and how to apply them and you'll prosper beyond your wildest dreams. By using these time-honored truths as tools, you'll be prepared to face any difficult challenge...and what's more, to fix them!

"Two things are necessary for success in life: one is a sense of purpose and the other, a touch of madness."
--John Harricharan, award-winning author--

That's right -- throughout your entire lifetime, you'll only have to deal with three problems. They are the problems of Money, Health and Relationships. Whatever challenge you're facing falls under one or a combination of these categories.

Your problems may wear different clothing or be centered in a modern environment, but essentially, they have been around, unchanged for eternity. All the solutions to your challenges are available -- you only need to put them to use.

What if there is a place where you could find answers to all your perplexing questions about money, health and relationships?

And what if you could visit that place at anytime to get the inspiration, information, motivation, tools and guidance necessary to solve your most pressing problems?

Does such a place actually exist? Yes, I know it does because I've personally created it!. That place is a private, membership website called EnterprisingSpirit.com. Read on to find out how you, too, could be among those who are benefiting from it.

Dear Reader:

This is John Harricharan, author, lecturer and consultant. I created EnterprisingSpirit.com in order to answer this very important question: What is the best way for me to help others who are going through the same, harrowing challenges I've faced in my life?

I've always believed that there's a solution hidden in every problem. But to get to that solution, you need to use the correct tools. So I've created a problem-solving "toolbox" where people could go to grab the right tool to help them face, as well as fix, their current difficulty.

  • What kind of tools do I mean? I mean the practical, inspirational and motivational tools you need to get the job done.
  • You'll find motivational articles and rare audio files.
  • There are inspirational tools like poetry, free ebooks and quotations.
  • There are helpful links, book reviews and services.
    And what's more, I've crammed this "toolbox" full of every kind of problem-solving tool imaginable. . . and I'll constantly be adding more helpful, new information every month, so you will never run out of new tools to help you do the job.

Yes, I know there are those times when the world seems to crowd in on us; and I know how it feels when it appears that nothing we do or say could get us out of our current predicament. It doesn't matter what the problems are. When we encounter them, be they money, health or relationships, they sometimes appear much too formidable. But there IS a way out.

And that's the reason for this special, private membership site.

On this website you will:

  • Learn the ancient principles of success and how to put them to work for you
  • Learn to manage and overcome your fear while building self-confidence
  • Find answers to your business, prosperity, health and relationship challenges
  • Get tips from experts who have "been through tough times, too"
  • Get inspirational advice and guidance to help you overcome your problems with the least pain and the greatest gain

What if you are trying to start a new business and are running out of money, time or patience?

If you came to this special website and found the one article, or quotation, or sentence that provided the exactly information you needed to keep on going toward success, it certainly would be a terrific find.

Why not use a resource that could help you get all the tools and information you need -- all in one convenient place?

Join Now

Who should join EnterprisingSpirit.com?

  • Anyone encountering stubborn business situations
  • Anyone facing difficult career or life changes
  • Anyone enduring troublesome relationship problems
  • Anyone who has suffered the loss of close friends or family members
  • Anyone who chooses to look at a health situation from a different point of view
  • As a matter of fact, anyone facing life's formidable challenges

If you're an entrepreneur just starting out, or an executive faced with a brick-wall, you could find advice and help from experienced sources who have encountered and conquered the very problems you face.

If your relationships are leaving you confused, angry or unfulfilled, or you seem to be repeating negative patterns, you'll find guidance and help at this private, membership website.

EnterprisingSpirit.com was developed with the sole purpose of helping you to use universal principles to make all aspects of your life -- the business aspects, the relationship aspects, the wealth and health aspects -- an adventure in happiness, peace and prosperity.

What do I get? And what will it cost?

As a member of EnterprisingSpirit.com, here's what you get:

  • Informative, helpful articles
  • Original articles by John Harricharan, featured
    here at EnterprisingSpirit.com first
  • Free ebooks
  • Reviews of motivational and inspirational books
  • Recommended reading list
  • Inspirational and motivational poetry
  • Special health and wellness section
  • Motivational and inspirational quotations
  • Helpful resources and service links
  • Rare, priceless sound files
  • Substantially discounted products and services available to members only
  • Enlightening and informative interviews
  • Comprehensive archived information
  • New material added on an ongoing basis
  • And much, much more

All these benefits are yours for onlyprice1.jpg - 1267 Bytes $9.95 per month and the membership can be charged to your credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

That's less than the cost of a good pizza. For price1.jpg - 1267 Bytes$9.95 a month, you get unlimited access to all the practical information available at EnterprisingSpirit.com.

I am not going to tell you that this price will increase at midnight tomorrow. There's already too much hype on the web. And I am not going to try to bribe you with a ton of bonuses that everyone seems to be giving away these days.

Pure and simple, the price is price1.jpg - 1267 Bytes $9.95 per month. The free ebooks alone, or the Foster Hibbard sound files, by themselves, are worth much, much more than a whole year's cost of membership.

Join Now

For your convenience, this informative membership site is divided into several easy-to-find sections:

  • The EnterprisingSpirit "Articles" section contains some of the most helpful articles you can find. Writers such as Suzanne Nault, Rick Beneteau, Charles Burke, Malcolm Harvey, Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Bob Kleine, Mike Litman, Bob Scheinfeld and others share the secrets of how they combined spirituality with their business and personal life to create the success they desired.

    You'll be able to use the simple tools they provide to achieve the success they attained. Naturally, there is also a great collection of my personal articles and input.

  • The EnterprisingSpirit FREE "E-books" section provides an assortment and collection of FREE ebooks that you can download immediately. In addition to the books I've written, I've made arrangements with many authors to provide some of their best ebooks, FREE of charge for you.

    There are also recommended reading books that you can obtain from bookstores, libraries or amazon.com. Just reading a few of these books will change your whole outlook on life. And downloading the FREE ebooks is worth much more than the cost of your membership.

  • The EnterprisingSpirit "Resources" section provides a collection of helpful links to other websites. There you'll find very practical, yet simple advice and information to improve your success quotient.

  • Other EnterprisingSpirit sections contain inspirational quotations, moving poetry, information about some top consultants (including one of the world's foremost "intuitive" consultants), services and products discounted to members only. There is even a special section on "Health and Wellness" with free "special reports", provided by Larry Triveiri of 1healthyworld.com.

  • The Bonus section contains "Secrets to Guaranteed Goal Achievement" by Foster Hibbard, associate of the late Dr. Napoleon Hill of "Think and Grow Rich". There are seventeen lessons in this course, each one simple to use.

    I cannot over-emphasize the importance of these steps. Perhaps there is no other place on the web where you can find them. As a member, you will receive them as a gift. Believe me when I say they can change your life and circumstances in a dramatic way.

The great super-marketer, Dan Kennedy, had this to say about Foster Hibbard and these 17 "surefire" steps to "Guaranteed Goal Achievement":

"It was my privilege to have been associated with Foster Hibbard for many years. During that time, I have experienced these 17 steps, and have observed first-hand the remarkable results others can manufacture in their lives by accepting, learning and applying these steps. Now you, too, will share that experience. Enjoy the trip!"

Not only will you find "Secrets to Guaranteed Goal Achievement" of tremendous value, but you'll absolutely love the sound files of some of Foster's audio albums included in the bonus section.

These files alone are worth more than an entire year's subscription cost to this site. And what's more, you probably won't find these audio files anywhere else on the Internet except at EnterprisingSpirit.com.

Yanik Silver, the fantastic Internet marketing genius, credits Foster Hibbard's tapes with the following statement:

"I cannot over-emphasize how important, life-changing and incredible Foster Hibbard's material has been to my success. I have listened to his program at least half a dozen times. I'd have paid hundreds of dollars to get my hands on this rare and nearly-impossible-to-find information alone."
--Yanik Silver, Author, "Instant Internet Profits"

These files alone are worth much more than an entire year's subscription cost to this site. And what's more, you probably won't find these audio files anywhere else on the Internet except at EnterprisingSpirit.com. You cannot buy them; they are added to the members' area as a gift.

Click here for a sampling of what you'll find
when you become a member

 "John Harricharan will absolutely amaze you with the clarity and depth of his vision. John always enables me to see the truths and possibilities inherent in my personal and business situations. Having John as a close personal friend allows me a distinct advantage over those who are not acquainted with this very special human being. With John as my mentor, I am constantly learning how to improve who I am and become who I want to be. I can't emphasize to you how strongly I suggest you take this opportunity to allow John Harricharan to become your teacher and mentor as well. Do yourself a favor and join EnterprisingSpirit Today!"
---R.W. Kleine, author of "One Soul" and "The Secret of the Twelve"
www.one-soul.net www.secretofthetwelve.com

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A good portion of the material you find at EnterprisingSpirit.com will be exclusive. Many of my articles and comments will appear here first before they are published in my newsletter or elsewhere. Some of the information you may find elsewhere, but frankly, who has the time and energy to research, collect, sort and manage it all? I've done all the work for you.

But that's not all. EnterprisingSpirit.com is an ongoing, membership resource center and new information will continually be added. Older information will be archived for you right at the site, so you could return over and over again to material you may want to research or reread.

Each month, there will be new articles, new books, new resources, etc. I promise you'll find an inspiring renewal in your body, mind and spirit as you explore the wonders of EnterprisingSpirit.com.

Change tragedy into triumph...

To say that EnterprisingSpirit.com is a motivational site or an inspirational place would be like saying that a Rolls Royce is just a car. Yes, it's inspirational and, sure, you'll be tremendously motivated, but it's the benefit you receive that will change your life from simply surviving to super success.

You will feel empowered to solve the very problems that left you baffled a short time ago. Why? Because now you'll have the knowledge, the wisdom, the courage, the tools, the motivation and the inspiration to do the work yourself!

Join Now

Here's my promise and my guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the helpful information and valuable material at EnterprisingSpirit.com, just drop me a quick email. Your membership will be canceled immediately and you will not be billed again for the price1.jpg - 1267 Bytes $9.95

To join immediately, just click here and you'll be taken to the signup page. In a few minutes you'll have access to the "members' only" area of EnterprisingSpirit.com. This will be the beginning of a whole new journey for you. Click here to join now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Thank you, as well, for considering the infinite possibilities that EnterprisingSpirit.com could provide. May your journey to success be a glorious adventure.

Best regards.

"An icon in his own time, John Harricharan carries the wisdom of the ages, along with an unparalleled warmth of spirit. He is one of the Master Teachers of the world, making Enterprising Spirit a must-have resource for all who strive to blend spirit with business."
jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop

Michael.jpg - 6614 Bytes "Whether you read one of John's spiritually-transforming, best selling books, consult with him personally to experience the richness of his life wisdom, or join his wonderful membership website, your life can't help but be raised to a much higher dimension. You need only hear John's mind-altering definition of success (the best gosh-darn definition I ever heard!) to know he's the man who indeed will help you delightfully discover the two necessary ingredients of "a sense of purpose" and a "touch of madness!"
Michael R. Norwood, D.C., C.C.N., author of the internationally acclaimed "The 9 Insights of the Wealthy" http://www.wealthysoul.com

paul.jpg - 7604 Bytes "I call John Harricharan the Mystic MBA, and I think of him as my shamanic business advisor. There are many people out there offering advice; John Harricharan is the only Intuitive Consultant among them. Over the years, he has introduced me to the ideas of a number of spiritual thinkers, and his counsel has already made a lasting difference in my life and my business. JohnÕs membership web site, Enterprising Spirit, is loaded with the same kind of practical insight and timeless knowledge learned the hard way. If you joined simply to gain access to his inspiring e-books, articles, and wisdom, it would surely be worth it. But on top of that, many of his vast network of friends and associates have contributed to the largesse. Enterprising Spirit is truly a find--the spiritual, right-brained, non-linear side of business, told beautifully."
Paul Lemberg, author of "Earn Twice As Much With Half the Stress" and "Faster Than the Speed of Change". Director, Stratamax Research. www.stratamax.com

"I've tried a bunch of programs, but Enterprising Spirit.com is where I go for my prescribed spoonful of motivational insights, inspiring information and valuable resources. I've known John for many years and have seen him create his bestselling books and courses. He outdid himself this time by putting together a membership site that supports people who are trying to be their best. If you want to succeed in business, or if you want help with your personal problems, join EnterprisingSpirit.com.
Lillian Cosby, The World's Foremost Intuitive Consultant www.LillianCosby.com

"Whenever I feel I need to get a new outlook on what I'm doing, or when there's a need for plain, practical help, I visit this website and am rewarded, inspired and kept informed. This site can help keep you motivated, stay focused, and achieve your potential. Everyone needs a regular dose of this type of information; EnterprisingSpirit.com is the easiest way to get it "
Bernie Cleveland, PhD, Founder, The Connecting Link, Inc.

Rick Beneteau "I've heard John Harricharan speak and can understand why he has touched the hearts and souls of audiences. And I can clearly see why the world loves his books."
Og Mandino - Author,
"The Greatest Salesman in the World"

Deepak Chopra "John Harricharan leads us along the enchanted path of enlightenment with magic, charm, love and compassion."
Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"John, over the many months of major challenges, I witnessed you holding the Hand of God and taking the helping hands and hearts He sent you. Thank you for your courage and the love that made you stay with us. The planet cannot do without you, at least, not yet. All you teach and share, especially at EnterprisingSpirit.com, will be rooted in more profound compassion than ever before."
Constance Eykman, author, "Paradise -- A Heartbeat Away -- A Spiritual Safari in Africa"

mikelitman1.jpg - 7115 Bytes "John Harricharan is one of the most extraordinary people I've come in contact with. His mountain size heart and spirit will move you to higher levels of living immediately."
Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling co-author
Conversations with Millionaires http://www.mikelitman.com

Bob Burg "Your website just blew me away. What a wonderful combination of wisdom and kindness. Not surprising, since those two traits are exactly what you embody in everything you do. There's an old Jewish saying, 'Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.' I believe that those fortunate enough to make the decision to become a member of EnterprisingSprit.com will sense this in all of the information you present. Thank you John; for being a friend, a mentor, and just a great example of all that is right in our world."
Bob Burg, author
"Endless Referrals", "Winning Without Intimidation" and "The Success Formula"

Jody Colvard "I came across John Harricharan's books about 15 years ago. His words left such an impression and they helped me through some of the most difficult moments in my life. John is one of the sweetest, most down to earth and insightful human beings that I have ever met. I believe that his heart and his words have the ability to bring light to the darkest places. My partner Declan Dunn and I are so inspired by John that we ask him to speak at every one of our workshops. We are so honored to play, be it even a small role, in providing the world the opportunity to hear the powerful message from this amazing man. "
Jody Colvard
Founder of the FMG network and BeAShowHost.com

"There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit."
--Napoleon Bonaparte

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